New Mad Mav album "Rebirth"

I recorded my first song, back in 2003, so this is nearly 13 years ago. Now the time has come to reach new levels and get some fresh ideas into my project.

First, there have been some formative strokes of fate in my life. I lost two very important persons and that really made me unable to work.

But now I want to get over this, putting them into my music.

So I started again to write a new album. It shall be a new mile stone in my project and some kind of reboot and restart.

That's why it will be called "Rebirth". I really hope to be able to bring some new stuff soon and get some ideas for the new album.

It will contain of course heavy drums and guitars, but also some dark trombones. To finalize the whole thing I am learning to play the violoncello and will try to play as much as possible by myself, using real instruments.

#NewAlbum #Rebirth #Fate

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