The solistic project "Mad Mav" is a musical mix of heavy metal and classical music, or classical elements and is only instrumental.

The only bandmember "Mav" is artist on the different instruments (mainly guitars, bass and piano) and also composer, arranger and producer of the project.


The name Mav comes from maverick. Earlier the project was named Mad Master Mav, but this only remains in the bandlogo.

Most important influences are Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot, Korn, Judas Priest, later also classical composers like Beethoven, Vivaldi and Richard Wagner.


Mav was born 1989 in Munich, Germany and had his first piano lessons at the age of 14. That was, what built up his interest in composing and trieing new instruments.

Unfortunately diverse bandproject failed and Mav had to do the music stuff on his own. The first albums like „Black Sheep“ and Ancestry of all Evil“ were made in 2003. They are all for free listening and downlaod on

After Mav finsihed school he studied orchestration, audio engineering and musicproduction at Deutsche POP Akademie in Munich.

Meanwhile Mav produces 12 free albums, including 4 synphonies. Each album has its own theme and style, from speed metal to gothiv metal, to 40 minutes synphonies until he first live album "Catch the Bullet" came out 2012.


July 2012 Mav leaves the academy with the diploma as audio-master, arranger and composer. Now you can also make use of his work, contacting Mad Master Studios, where Mav is composing and producing all kinds of genres.


The next album is called "Thisrting for affection" a 45 minutes synphony.

It will be published in spring 2014.